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Technically, the "Tillamook Burn" describes the forest fire of 1933 which ravaged nearly 240,000 acres of prime forest land, most of it in Tillamook County.  This fire killed almost 12 billion board feet of timber, enough lumber to build more than a million five-room houses. 

Subsequent forest fires in 1939 and 1945 have also been included in the term "Tillamook Burn" although, combined, these fires consumed only one-tenth the timber killed in the 1933 fire. 

A fourth fire, in 1951, spread over some 32,000 acres, but destroyed only 15 million board feet of logs and snags. 

The following is a summary of each of the fires in the area commonly referred to as the "Tillamook Burn": 

1933 Fire: 
Perimeter area of fire                                             261,222 acres 
Unburned area within perimeter                               21,527 acres 
Burned area                                                          239,695 acres 
Timber killed                                     11,828,712,000 board feet 
   (a board foot measures 12" x 12" x 1") 

1939 Fire:
Perimeter area of fire                                             209,690 acres 
Unburned area within perimeter                               19,030 acres 
Burned area                                                          189,660 acres 
Timber killed                                          834,220,000 board feet 
Previously burned by other fires                               15,527 acres 

1945 Fire:
Perimeter area of fire                                             182,370 acres 
Unburned area within perimeter                                 2,240 acres 
Burned area                                                          180,130 acres 
Timber killed                                          439,385,000 board feet 
Previously burned by other fires                               10,899 acres 

1951 Fire:
Perimeter and burned area                                      32,700 acres 

The total area of the 1951 fire was burned by the 1933 and 1939 fires but forestry sources report that some 30 million board feet of felled and bucked snags were burned with less than half destroyed. 

Four Fires Combined:
Perimeter area of fire                                               360,882 acres 
Unburned area within perimeter                                  5,946 acres 
Burned area                                                           354,936 acres 
Timber killed                                       13,102,917,000 board feet 

Footnote:  7.5 billion board feet of burned logs were salvaged between 1934 and 1955 out of the 13.1 billion board feet killed.   Source of Data:  Oregon Department of Forestry 

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